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About Amber

My top favorite things outside of food, travel, karaoke, kickboxing and low budget films; the things which excite me the most are; (a) Unveiling your desires or what motivates you each day, (b) uncovering the story behind the numbers, and (c) refueling the joy, passion, and vision you have for your organization, staff, and/or business. My professional background includes working as an acting controller for a Life Science company, public accounting, the banking industry, professional services firms, and the military. I have a Masters in Taxation and B.S.B.A in Accounting from Robert Morris University and I attended the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) which is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited school, for my professional coaching training. Coaching is so much fun!

Planting Seeds and Fostering Growth

Small business coaching is professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength which requires YOU to show up ready and willing to play Full Out!

Investing in a coach is making an additional commitment to YOU towards your future, and with the help of an accountability partner YOU will gain insight to:

  • Repeatedly attract your ideal client
  • Challenge your fears, doubt, and thoughts
  • Be the leader and communicator you desire to be
  • Get unstuck, explore your options, and take action on your best ideas, dreams, and goals
  • Grow your business (and profits) systematically
  • Develop a committed and productive team
  • Design or re-design your business so it fully support your ideal lifestyle

As your small business coach I PROMISE to help you to move forward: clarifying your goals, creating a strategy for completing those goals, and provide a supportive framework to lead you towards a successful life.  Exciting stuff I know, so let’s get started!

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From the call you will receive:

Clarity on your business idea, model, or desired achievements,
A deeper understanding of your challenges,
Renewed motivation and tools, and
Recommended next steps towards growth and profits.


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